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Melanie Cook



Neurofeedback is a brain training technique that helps to balance the central nervous system. Neurofeedback can help with a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, sleep, ADD, stress reduction, focus and attention, and many more. When the brain is healthy it can perform at it's optimal level, so you work at your own personal best. I am a certified neurofeedback trainer. Life coaching and neurofeedback work nicely to help individuals create and accomplish their goals. I have seen wonderful things happen for individuals using a combination of neurofeedback and coaching. Here is a short video explaining a little about neurofeedback. 


When I was 20 years old, I had anxiety and depression at a level that I didn’t think was physically or mentally possible. I hated myself, almost everyone around me, I hated being social and dreaded going to work, school, or even the store because I knew I would have to interact with other people. It made me nervous going anywhere by myself, even to a gas station. It was hard to live day to day feeling this way and feeling like I had no potential to succeed in anything I do. I’ve never had an extremely traumatic event in my life and I didn’t understand why I felt this way. I even had trouble sleeping every night, and staying asleep on the nights that I could fall asleep at a decent time. I thought that it was normal, and it sucked. I didn’t think anyone cared enough about me to help me get through these tough times and get me back to the old spunky, charismatic, drama queen social butterfly that me and my friends and family have always known me as. I’d tried medications, therapists and psychologists, eating certain foods that are said to help with these things, and nothing was working. I was starting to doubt I would ever feel like myself ever again. That’s when I was referred to Melanie Cook to try neurofeedback. 

At first, I thought, “how is this going to work? I don’t feel any different. What exactly is this supposed to do? I have my doubts, but I hope this works.” It took me 6 sessions before I started to notice that I was sleeping better. I remember thinking “okay but maybe this is something else.. Maybe I feel more at ease... but how? Why?” then it clicked; Neurofeedback. As I continued my sessions, I noticed progress. But what really stuck out to me was when my mom told me how much I have grown and how I had been acting more positive and comfortable in my surroundings. She noticed before I did that I was well rested during the day, I didn’t look nervous leaving to the store, I started going to the gym by myself, and I quit asking her to accompany me anytime I went out, which was HUGE. When she told me these things, I knew I was making progress. I continued my sessions, more excited to go every time because I knew the miracle that was taking place, and it wasn’t long before I finally felt like myself again. 

I’m now 25 years old, a barista at Starbucks on my way to promotion, going to school to become a medical assistant, I’ve made so many friends in the last few years. When I look back on my life and the troubles I had experienced, I want to cry for two reasons; one, because it hurts to know what I have experienced and how others experience the same things daily, and two, because I had found something that truly helped and made me proud to be who I am, know I'm worth more than a billion dollars, and feel like it too. I have come a long way from the struggles I endured. The best thing by far is seeing my friends and family so proud of me, as well as myself when I look in the mirror. 


I couldn’t have become the person I am today without Neurofeedback, and I will continue to recommend it to everyone and anyone I know going through what I did. If you read this far, trust me. It’s worth it, and I’ll say that a million times. 

I want to thank Melanie for being there for me, for exercising my brain, and for pushing me to be better, as a friend and as my ‘biofeedback bestie’. I couldn’t have done it without you. 



Age 25

Melanie worked with our son Reilly for several months and we saw a huge improvement with both his sensory processing disorder and his problems with attention. He was able to focus for longer periods of time and devote more attention to tasks. We cannot say enough about Melanie’s attention and bedside manner. She made us feel comfortable and provided us with answers to all of our questions; more importantly, she made our son feel at ease. If you are on the fence we definitely recommend contacting Melanie. 


Age 40

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