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Melanie Cook


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My extended family.


Hi, I’m Melanie. I am a trained life coach and neurofeedback technician. I can help you set goals and work towards them. I love to help others and I think that is the reason life coaching is so rewarding. Watching people grow and develop into better versions of themselves is exciting. I have a B.S. Degree in Marriage and Family Studies and a Degree in Communication Disorders. I am an empathic person and listen without judgement. You will see amazing personal growth in yourself and be surprised at what you can accomplish. I would love to work with you along your journey.

Family Life coaching is a unique method for supporting families that draws upon various approaches including family science and coaching psychology.


Life Coaching

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional growth. 


Neurofeedback is a brain training technique that helps to balance the central nervous system.


A tried and true skeptic of life coaching, I had never considered this approach. Working with Melanie as my life coach has been a literal life changing experience for me! When I hit a wall in my personal life, Melanie has been the support and guide through my emotions, shown me how to change my thoughts, and gain the skills to maintain my marriage. I highly recommend the life coaching experience.


Age 32

My husband had a minor stroke in 2014 at age 31. He lost use of his right hand which with the help of physical therapy he was able to get back. After his stroke he suffered from extreme exhaustion, hard time focusing and his head constantly hurting. After hearing about Neurofeedback from Melanie Cook in 2016 he decided to give it a try, after two years of trying different medicines from his neurologist had failed.  After a few weeks of doing the Neurofeedback we both noticed he had more energy. He was able to do a full day of work without feeling tired and without his head hurting. If you’re interested in doing Neurofeedback I would say give it a chance. It worked for my husband.


Age 36

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